This trip was my first hiking .Am going to tell you all the exciting things that I experienced

I always wanted to go hiking but the timing was bad always but as I calculated my free time i said why not since that Sunday my schedule was free.So I booked the trip with The A adventures is a traveling agency locally. The thing is if you go alone you have to plan for a lot of things and is more expensive rather you have to book with a group is cheaper in reality. Also, you don’t have to think about other things that have already been taken care of. Also it wasn’t my first time going with them because i already went with them to Wasini is in Kilifi a nice coastal place to visit.

The time was alright by 6 we were all supposed to meet at a particular place. Then all the people that were going I only knew that organizer coz I kept on bumping into him so I was familiar with only that one person and another guy also was in the other trip before. We highlighted at Naivas manage to take a few drinks and some snacks and proceed with the journey by around 10 am we were there at the Kimakia forest which is located at 0°46’00.0″S 36°44’00.0″E

Full Name (see definition): Kimakia Forest Station

Primary Country Code (see definition): KE (Kenya)

First-order administrative division code (see definition): 01 (Central )

Region Font Code (see definition): 3 (Africa/Middle East)

Unique Feature Identifier (see definition): -2250812

Unique Name Identifier (see definition): -3107347

Latitude in decimal degrees (see definition): -0.766667

Longitude in decimal degrees (see definition): 36.733333

see more information

We arrived there and did some warmup with an instructor and proceeded into the forest accompanied by the KWS guy. One thing one has to not also is that the shoes are supposed to have that grip so that you don’t slide and make sure you carry some water glucose and a pair of cloth and a jacket also .

Also if you find a stick it will help you to move in the steep mountain. Hiking was not a joke some felt but we lift each other up. we went like about 2 hours walk going and we meet the waterfalls they were two actually.

It was so tiring exhausted but at the end the experience was fun.I recommend the place but the steepness hands up one of a kind even the ones who went hiking in other places said this one was a bit steeper.Also you have to train your self about hiking altitude and staff you have to start at a minimum altitude and proceed gradually slowly told this by a friend Bilal.

Hiking is not my thing my thing is to explore the wordly activities so that i can sea appreciate the nature that Allah has created .

Once in a while, you have to get out of your daily routine so that your eyes can see what’s out there and appreciate life the world is full of exploration but also you have to take care of yourself and make sure you are at the right place at the right time and also your fam has to know were you are in case of anything. Just set aside the budget for traveling and exploration. You don’t have to be serious with life at the end of it all no one will come out alive.

PS This is my first blog page on activities to do comment down below if you want to see more.Il is posting and writing about places that I go and try to give you the does and don’t. Subscribe to my email listing and check out my services.

Thank you and may God bless you cheers.


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