Leveraging the use of tech in your work place

Covid 19 has come with many challenges but one thing that has improve is the ablity for work from home remotely has increase.People can now work from home and the time people spend on the traffic and charting with colleges at the work place have been used in productivity. But some company who had a poor IT support department didn’t benefit much .Though they adopt and enhance their system in the long run.

We have to ensure first that this issue has been planned well and all the risk have been mitigated .Some of the things to put into consideration that might help you are

Having a technical team that are aware of the curent latest technology that are there in the outside world.

Setting aside budget to purchase necessary infrastructure like the systems software and the hardware like laptops apple mac and software’s that are paid and some free like teams. this link shows how to have an IT budgeting allocated.

Ensuring staffs are well trained when they are using those system at home. Also make sure that there is a system that can monitor the attendance of the employee.

Ensure that the network security are well protected, encrypted and also the company security as well .

Basically working from home companies have benefited a lot though this is for management level .


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