Preparation of the speech involves organizing the body of the speech. Presentation of the speech includes delivering the speech to the audience.

Organizing The Body Of The Speech

The body of the speech contains the introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Section 1: Introduction. The first section of the speech contains an attention-getter to grab the interest of the audience and orient them to the topic of the speech, a clear thesis that states the purpose of the speech, and a preview of the main points of the speech.
  • Section 2: Body. The heart of the speech is the body. The body is where you provide your audience all the information they will need to understand your topic. To make the body of the speech easier for the audience to follow, divide it up into at least two but no more than five main points. Organize the main points in a clear structure appropriate to the topic and thesis and provide supporting examples for each main point.
  • Section 3.Cocnclusion.This section summarizes the main points in the speech.

Ethics In Public Speaker

The speaker should uphold high sense of ethics while interacting with the audience. This includes honesty in delivering the message to the audience. Any material derived from internet sources should be accredited.

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