Struggling In Life

Do you recognize the following?

You have a partner, and a lovely child, and most things aren’t running smoothly these days. You’re not feeling down or depressed but you’re quickly irritated, a bit tensed, and anxious. Your spouse feels that situation and talks with you about it.

You wave the problems away telling them they don’t exist.

At work you’re having a busy period. Several major decision are made for you and you’re about to tell some employees that they might lose their job.

It isn’t your call but yet you’re feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Time comes closer for those bad news conversations.

You’re wondering if you should have done something to prevent the lose of jobs.

You think you did the best you could but in your mind there still are doubts. You over look the whole situation again. You talk at home about it and you even consult some friends. They tell you that you shouldn’t worry to much. Easier said then done.

At home things are running smoothly. There are no problems between you and your spouse. You are able to keep work and private situation separated from each other.

In the mean time days, weeks run by and D-days approaches. You are starting to feel worser and worser.

You know this most been done, it’s for the benefit of the company. But still ……..

The whole situation reminds you of a period a few years ago. You also weren’t feeling well, but you couldn’t relate it to a specific moment.

The not-so-feeling-good period didn’t last a long time.

You went on with your life as thing improved by themselves.

Just now you think of that period again and wonder what you did then to find more peace at mind.

You can’t exactly recall the moment but someone spook to you about meditation.

You didn’t think that it was something for you. So you didn’t inquire or did some reach about it.

After the confronting conversations with the employees life goes on.

The company is running fine. You’re keeping track and at home things come in smoother water. Life looks nicer these days. You don’t have that much sorrow and pain in your neck-shoulder area then within the troubled period.

In the meantime your spouse has without your knowledge been talking to several people about the situation.She talks to a colleague and he gives the advice that you should read a book about self-awareness.

Just tonight you both talk about the situation and you hear the advice giving by that colleague.

You’re thinking of reading books about meditation, self-hypnosis. All this for self-growth and personal development.

You sit behind your computer and type the words self-awareness, development, manifestation of life into the search query and hit the ENTER button.

Want to find a way to help you with the struggle of life.

Word count: 474


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